3 Practical Video Lighting Tips That You Should Know

After understanding how to set up your recording studio, it’s time to record the videos; now that you are well aware of the importance of good video lighting, in addition to the leading equipment that can be your great ally when recording, gillespie productions have separated 3 tips to help you in practice with the lighting for your videos, see:

  1. Lighting For Videos Recorded With Smartphone

It seems complicated to adjust these two factors: lighting and smartphone, right? But the solution is not as complicated as it seems. Currently, smartphone brands have invested in increasingly powerful camera models, allowing the user recording the video to have more control and quality in their footage. However, several smartphones do not allow their cameras access to more professional settings. To do this, use third-party applications that allow controls such as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture.

  1. Difficulties With Lighting Videos Recorded On A Black Background

Losing focus or producing too dark videos can be some of the problems of recording movies with a black background. The tip here is to lock the lens’s focus and the light exposure, preventing these two factors from changing during recording. If you’re using a smartphone, it’s worth checking the factory settings to see if your phone can do these locks. If the camera functions do not allow for this, opt for third-party applications to help you with this, such as Filmic Pro.

  1. Difficulties With Lighting Videos Recorded On A White Background, Or Bright

For videos recorded with a white or very bright background, the objective becomes different: to illuminate the background, but not with the same intensity as the focal point is being illuminated. For this, the light illuminating the background must be greater than the light illuminating you (if you are the focal point of the video, for example), as this would avoid the formation of shadows and malformations behind you.

And then? Are you already thinking about which lights to buy? Remember that each set has a specific need and that the lights can vary according to the desired effect, the size of the set, or the emphasis you plan to give each object in the scene. Good planning of videos will be essential for you to light your shots with maximum quality.

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