Common SEO Keyword Mistakes To Avoid

You must use an effective SEO strategy for the expansion of your business. Various factors matter while creating a good website for your company.

Several SEO strategies like unique content, impressive infographics, responsive web page, etc. are taken into consideration to make your website a reliable platform for the users. All these techniques need to be applied properly to drive more traffic towards your website.

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Important keyword mistakes that kill your SEO approach

  • Use of broad match

There are many types of keyword matching available in the tools available for keyword optimization. The broad match category of keywords does not allow direct use of the target keyword. It adds one or more extra words to it.

On the other hand, the exact match allows the point use of the target keyword without any additional information and in proper order. You should always go with the exact match category to increase your ranking in the search results.

  • One-word keywords

Another very common mistake committed by you could be the use of one-word keywords. The ranking gets difficult with such keywords because such keywords would lack context and will be more competitive. The chances of your rank being upgraded decreases.

Try to make use of long-tail keywords that are more specific which makes you stand out from everyone and helps you reach your target audience more easily.

  • Avoiding competition

It is important to keep a track of the activities of your competitors. Knowing their strategies and the kind of keywords they use makes it easier for you to design something new and different that will give you an extra edge over them.

If you do not consider them, your efforts will go in vain. Try to go through the search results and see what modifications you can inculcate in your SEO optimization to reach the first position.

  • Current search patterns

You will be at a great loss if you do not stay updated and keep a track of what is being searched by users. This can be done by analyzing the organic search results.

There will be a lot of sites that will be competing in the same niche as yours and you need to look at them. Another way is to use autosuggestions. It can also lead you to some related keywords that can be incorporated into your work.

Below the search results, there is always an option that mentions searches related to a particular niche. This makes you aware of the other terms that users use commonly to reach the desired site. Therefore, always have a look at that and plan your keywords accordingly.


Try not to commit these mistakes to get a hold of the search rankings. Apply a strategic approach while designing web content.

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