Different Social Media Platforms For Advertising To Help Boost Your Business

Social media is an excellent way to boost the online visibility of your business, and there are many platforms you can consider using. Many social media platforms have similar advertising options that you can utilise to connect with your target audience and help to increase sales and brand awareness. Some companies focus more on social media than their websites, as they get most of their sales through these networks. Below are some social media platforms you can consider for your business that can prove to be highly lucrative when you have a social media agency in Thailand run and monitor your campaign.


Facebook is the granddaddy of social media networks and boasts almost three billion active monthly users, so your ads on this platform can reach far and wide. Some of the types of ads you can use on this network include:

  • Image Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Slideshow Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Poll Ads

You can achieve an excellent return on investment when your Facebook ads are well-optimised and managed correctly, ensuring the success of your business.


LinkedIn is another excellent platform you can consider using, and it is ideal if you sell your products or services to other businesses. Although there are not as many users as on Facebook, you can get your ads in front of the company’s decision-makers. They have similar ads to Facebook and the other platforms, and you can see an excellent return on your ad spend when you run your campaign correctly.


If you want to target a younger audience with your ads, then TikTok is an excellent platform to consider using. They have slightly different ads to some of the other platforms, and you can consider using ads such as:

  • In-Feed Ads
  • Branded Hashtag Challenge
  • Branded Effects
  • TopView
  • Brand Takeover

It is simple and quick to set up an advertising campaign on this platform, and when run by a professional, you can see excellent returns.


Another highly popular social media platform you can consider is Instagram, which is excellent for showcasing product images. The same company that owns Facebook, Meta, also own Instagram, so they have the same ads you can utilise in your campaign. You can also find your ads appear on both networks, and it can give your brand and products excellent exposure.

There are a few options you can choose for social media platforms to advertise your business, but there are more besides. Ensure you have an expert digital agency set up, optimise, and monitor your campaign, and it can be a resounding success.

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