Four Working Models Which Have Proven Effective In and Out of the Pandemic

The corona virus pandemic despite being one of the greatest tragedies that mankind has ever faced allowed us to explore options which were not even considered realistic before the pandemic. In no way it should be interpreted that the deadly virus is being glorified here, instead, celebration of mankind’s unbreakable spirit is being carried out. It was really a tough time for all the world but it somehow managed to come out of it. All the sectors which are essential for our existence were facing a crisis which needed to be dealt with.

From information and technology to petroleum and energy, all the sectors had the challenge of keeping things on the track while the world leaders dealt with the grave situation. Top MNCs came up with the idea of introducing a new model by which people could work from their homes. This model was implemented across the globe to positive results and even today, most of the screen monitoring software companies ask their employees to work from home. Apart from work from home, there are a few models which are as efficient as the said method. Some of those are explained below.

Flexible Working Model

The flexible working models are those models which do not push the employees about working for a certain number of hours for a fixed part of the week. The employees have the liberty to work according to themselves and this allows them to feel in charge thus increasing their overall input. There are a lot of examples of flexible working models like the work from home model would have been a flexible model if the working hours were not fixed. Freelancing is another example of flexible working model. A few other models are also there which will be explained further.

Part Time Working and Job Sharing

As the name suggests, this model is all about those individuals who are unable to dedicate an entire slot of eight to nine hours. They usually work for half of the normal working hours and earn accordingly. Job sharing happens when two or more than two people work on the same job and get paid accordingly. The advantages of part time working is that it allows you to get more time for yourself which you can use to develop skills which can help you land a high paying job in the future.

Apart from that, there are other advantages like working for a less number of hours avoids burnouts. It allows you to give space to your personal lives as well. You can do more meaningful things other than just being lost in work all day.

Compressed Hours Work Model

There are many companies where you do not have to work for eight hours for five days of the week. These are the companies who believe in extracting forty hours of work from you in six days or seven days. Now it is up to you whether you want to finish the job in three days which means you will be working for forty hours out of seventy two hours or you want to carry it on yourself for the whole week. It is an efficient working model which is more focused on productivity of the employees and less focused on their peace of minds.

Teleworking or Popularly Known as Work From Home

Working from home is not an alien concept anymore. In fact, it is the easiest to explain so far. What you are asked to do is to do the same work you were doing at your office from your home. This model incorporated with the hybrid remote work schedule has yielded great results for many organizations. The advantages of working from home are enormous and so are the disadvantages. On the bright side, you get to work from the comfort of your home wearing whatever you feel comfortable in. On the other side, the commotion at your home might cause some embarrassing situations with your colleagues.

Flextime Model

The flextime model is yet another example of doing your work smartly. The flextime model allows you to set your working hours according to yourself. For example, instead of starting your work at 9 AM and finishing it by 5PM, you can start at 11 AM and call it a day at 7 PM. You get to work according to your wish without compromising with the number of your working hours and your remuneration. This method is widely accepted by many organizations and many professionals have found it more effective when incorporated with working from home.

So, these were a few models which helped the world deal with the challenges which were thrown at it by the pandemic. Remember, our determination must always be bigger than our problems only then can we truly hope to overcome them.

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