How To Effectively Clear The Sidewalks In Front Of Your House?

When winter arrives, snow can sometimes cover your garden and the sidewalk in front of your home. Although lovely, such a landscape can hide a patch of slippery ice. Therefore, removing the first layers of snow around the house and especially on the sidewalks is essential, especially if a municipal decree obliges you to do so. Here from Ninja De-Icer are some methods for effectively clearing the sidewalks in front of your house.

The Shovel, The Essential Tool For Clearing Snow From Your Sidewalk

First of all, it should be noted that clearing the sidewalk in front of your home is mandatory in town. Also, be aware that removing the snow as soon as possible before it melts, freezes, and forms ice is a good idea. To do this, all you need is a good shovel and some digging. Small trick: by coating it with car wax or cooking oil, the snow will not be able to cling to your shovel, which will simplify your task.

Use Road Salt

Moreover, to prevent the appearance of ice, blue halite, de-icing salt, available in stores, is also effective. Before you get to work, it is recommended to put on gloves and to change very quickly the clothes wet by the water of the cast iron. You spread this salt on the sidewalk where the snow has already been removed. But this salt can be harmful to the environment and is not sustainable. Other more ecological alternatives can thus be undertaken.

Ecological Solutions

After clearing the snow with your shovel, you can spread sawdust, sand, or ashes to create a non-slip surface. This technique aims to improve the roughness of the passage to reduce the risk of slipping. Wood chips are useful for warming the ground and preventing sleet from forming. These are special shavings composed of hardwood chips soaked in ecological road fluxes. With this solution, you can protect your sidewalks for at least five days. Also, if you don’t have wood chips, sand, or sawdust on hand, unnecessary residue from your coffee maker, like coffee grounds, can melt the snow. A word of advice: do not throw hot water on the snow,

Congratulations, you are ready!

Now you’re prepared to face the snow with more planning, therefore, fewer unforeseen events, as well as more free time to have, who knows, that Hollywood snowy morning you’ve always dreamed of.

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