SMS Campaigns Unveiled: Strategies for Boosting Customer Engagement

When it comes to customer engagement, companies of all shapes and sizes struggle to connect with their respective audiences. While email has been the method of choice for many years, it’s quickly being overtaken by text messages.

However, while texts have a much better track record and open rate, not a lot of businesses are utilizing them effectively. Fortunately, with these tips, it should be much easier to take advantage of this communication channel to strengthen the bottom line. Here’s what you need to know about increasing customer engagement with SMS.

What Are SMS Campaigns?

SMS campaigns are marketing strategies that utilize short message service (SMS) messages to reach both new and existing customers. For a business to succeed with this channel, it needs to segment campaigns around specific strategies or objectives.

For example, one campaign could be used to promote a new product with discount codes or other offers. Another campaign could be to send SMS reminders about an upcoming delivery or confirm an appointment.

It’s also important to note that SMS campaigns aren’t necessarily one-sided. Many customers prefer to text a business with inquiries than send an email or make a phone call. So, some campaigns must utilize an SMS gateway that can enable two-way messaging.

How to Use SMS Campaigns to Boost Customer Engagement

Before sending out mass text messages, it’s imperative to follow the rules for these campaigns. For example, you must have each recipient opt into the program before you can send any official communication. If a person doesn’t opt-in, you legally can’t text them with an offer or reminder.

Once you have a list of SMS recipients, here are the top ways to boost engagement with them.

Send Messages at the Right Time

Although texts have a nearly 100 percent open rate, the time you send messages can make a huge difference. The content of the message can also impact the right time to send it. Here are examples:

  • Geo-Tagging – If a customer is close to a store, you can ping them with a text offer or a call-to-action. Since the trip should be relatively convenient, a recipient may be more likely to stop in and shop (especially if the deal is valuable).
  • Meal Schedule – If you’re running a restaurant, you don’t want to text a customer about a meal deal after they’ve already eaten. So, these sorts of messages would be best for late morning or late afternoon, just before most people go out to eat.
  • Family Status – If you’re trying to sell products to kids, you want to target parents. You can send messages before major holidays or birthdays to spur gift shopping.

Personalize Each Message

These days, customers don’t want to be treated as a number in a spreadsheet. They want customized offers that fit their unique needs. Thankfully, with automation, it’s much easier to collect data about individual customers, so you can target them more specifically. In the beginning, you may start with their name, but as the user interacts with your business, you can curate offers based on their interests and needs.

Utilize Discounts and Other Offers

Everyone loves a great deal, and SMS campaigns are the perfect way to share a discount with your audience. While links in a text may not always be ideal, you can send coupon codes that customers can use online or in-store.

For best results, you’ll want to set a deadline for these offers. This way, customers are more likely to act, so they don’t miss out on such a great deal.

Send SMS Reminders When Appropriate

There are multiple times when your brand may need to send a gentle reminder to a customer. Examples can include:

  • Appointments – If you’re a service-based business, you can remind clients of upcoming appointments or booking dates.
  • Order Status – You can notify customers of an abandoned cart (with a one-time discount) or whether their order has shipped.
  • Sales – If you have a sale ending soon, you can remind your customers to shop for items before they have to pay full price again.

Leverage a High-Quality SMS API With Mitto

Building a comprehensive SMS campaign doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Technology like Mitto makes it easy for customer service reps to track interactions with customers across channels, including SMS. Plus, by automating the process, you can send offers and curate messages without investing a ton of time or resources. Learn more about Mitto and what it can do today.

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