What to Know About British Gypsum Sound Block Plasterboard

When you need plasterboard with a high density core and enhanced sound insulation, you can use a product such as British Gypsum Soundbloc. This sound block plasterboard offers sound insulation and works well with dry lining internal surfaces. This type of plaster board is made with an aerated gypsum core that is encased in and firmly bonded to strong paper liners that are blue. The piece is manufactured in a particular way, so it offers excellent insulation. This type of plasterboard is often used in offices, cinemas, or domestic use, and it has a tapered edge finish.

Features of Sound Block Plasterboard

Sound block plasterboard is gypsum plasterboard with a higher density core. It is designed to be used in British gypsum wall lining and partition systems, and people use it when they want greater levels of sound insulation. This type of plasterboard offers enhanced acoustic insulation in areas, especially when you have partitions or separating walls. It is easy to cut them to size and install them, and they can be fixed with adhesive or mechanical fixings. They are certified to achieve a rating of “Very Good.”

The Tapered Edge

You can choose sound block plasterboard with a Tapered edge, and it will have edges that are slimmer in comparison to the board. You can use drywall tape and compound in the dips created by the tapers, so you will have a smooth joint that is free of seams. This makes them ideal for jointing or skimming.

When to Use It

The main reason that people use sound block plasterboard is to make buildings safer and quieter by cutting the noise and upgrading fire resistance. Noise has an effect on people, even when they don’t notice it. It causes stress and reduces productivity. It can also be distracting. Noise has an impact on you whether you are working, relaxing, or having fun. You can use soundproof plasterboard to make the space quieter.

In addition, sound block gypsum plasterboard improves fire resistance, which gives you longer to evacuate during a fire. Standard plasterboards have a controlled density, and the face has suitable gypsum plasters or decoration. This improves performance. This type of plasterboard also gives you a high-performance finish, and it is easy to install. You can get it in bulk at a discounted price, or you can buy a few sheets. It is considered an acoustic plasterboard, and it has a pale blue face paper, brown reverse side paper, and it comes in tapered edges. In addition, it is compliant and has thermal conductivity.

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