Best Flea Markets in Texas that are Worth a Visit

Everything is bigger and cooler in Texas. The houses, football stadiums, and even its flea markets are acknowledged globally. If you are into treasure hunts, it’s time to make your way to the flea market in Dallas Texas.

Texas flea markets are the gateway to heaven for bargain shoppers from rare trinkets to antique furniture, collector’s items, home jams, and other shopping items. So next time you visit Texas, watch out for these 5 of the coolest flea markets.

Texas Antique Weekend

This market covers several cities across central Texas, with more than 2000 vendors selling in 60+ locations. More than 100,000 people visit this flea market which runs for around 2.5 weeks. The fair is held twice a year during the fall and spring.

With free admission and a parking facility at most fairs, this flea market is a must-visit for antique collectors. However, it may often get hard to find a parking spot owing to the huge crowd at the fairs. You will find collectibles, art pieces, craft items, and antiques here. People often make advance hotel reservations to cover this antique flea market that spans several miles.

Third Monday Trade Days – McKinney

Existing since the 1800s, this flea market houses over 450 vendors offering the coolest items. McKinney Trade Days offers exclusive creations and unique ideas from handcrafted furniture to homemade decor, unique gift items, and antiques.

This family-oriented fair is held every month on the immediate weekends after the second Monday. You need to pay $5 for parking, but the entry is usually free. Additionally, most vendors will also take an order for products if they don’t have the displayed item with them immediately for sale.

First Monday Trade Days – Canton

Started in the the1850s, this flea market has been serving the needs of people for over 150 years. The market is divided into sections to help visitors look for antiques, original creations, quilts, wood carvings, crafts, metalworking, and food items easily.

You can also visit the animal center to shop for cattle, livestock, animal food, pets, and animal care items.

Bussey’s Flea Market, Schertz

With over 500 unique vendors, this flea market in Dallas Texas has some of the best photographs and record vendors. This market is abundant in food items and unique collectibles that will motivate you to stroll through the fair endlessly.

However, the parking spots can often be a bit far, making it important to bring a big shoulder bag or wagon for purchases.

Traders Village – Houston

This flea market offers Carnival rides along with a diversity of electronics, crafts, furniture, and car accessories.

The huge collection of clothing, art items, motorized scooters, and shoes call for a full exploration day. The market is held every weekend with a theme weekend concept to cater to various needs, including car shows, amusement rides, and wrestling.

Summing Up

When it comes to flea markets, Texas is undoubtedly the best place. However, bring enough cash and learn the art of negotiations to bring home the best items from the flea markets. Some other flea markets worth checking out include Texas Antique Fair – Round Top, 77 Flea Market – Brownsville, and Austin Country Flea Market.

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