Clever ways to grab attention at business events

Business events are an excellent way for corporate institutions to advertise their products/services, pass information to their target audiences, celebrate company milestones and motivate employees. However, for such events to be successful, you have to organise them properly. Presenting in front of an audience that’s not paying attention is as good as useless, so you need to find ways to keep your audience engaged and interested. Read on to find simple and clever ways to grab attention at corporate events.

4 clever ways to grab attention at business events

Any business event can benefit from several creative ideas to keep the audience alert and prevent them from dozing off or zoning out. Here are a few ways to grab the attention of attendees at a corporate event.

  1. Take time to answer questions

While most speakers prefer to cram their entire speech and present it in one go, it’s a huge mistake. By the time you’re halfway through, no one will be listening to you anymore. The best approach is to view the crowd as someone you’re conversing with. Encourage them to ask questions and ask for their input where necessary. Incorporating a few Q&A sessions in your speech is a game changer as the audience will be more attentive.

  1. Use exhibition stands

Exhibition stands are great for grabbing attention at business events, especially those with multiple vendors and companies. They come in various designs, sizes and colours, allowing your brand to stand out and capture the eye of all attendees. When choosing exhibition stand designs, try keeping it simple. Too much detail can distract from the message and prevent the target audience from seeing it. Simply add your company name, logo and slogan to your exhibition stand to attract the attention of prospective clients. You can also grab people’s attention by adding an all-singing or all-dancing exhibition stand, allowing people to engage one-on-one with your services.

  1. Holding contests

Everyone loves competitions, especially when they involve rewards. This makes holding contests a brilliant way of driving engagement and captivating your audience at a business event. Consider designing challenges that directly relate to your business to ensure the audience learns more about your company and the event.

  1. Incorporate media

With the advancements in technology and media taking over the business world, using media in business events is a clever way of capturing your target audience. For example, you can use VR or digital signages to display messages about your business and the products/services you offer. These create interactive communication between your company and target audience, increasing engagement. When using media, focus on the message you’re trying to pass, product development and brand promotion.

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