Patrick Windley Suggests Marketing Tips and Tricks for a Startup

Patrick Windley has seen many startups fail due to poor marketing. He recently discussed various tips and tricks that can be used to stand out against bigger competitors on a marketing scale. Utilizing these can help your company succeed in its marketing spread, he says.

Be as Personable as Possible

A good startup is a company that is typically quite small, Patrick Windley says. This size may seem like a disadvantage, but Patrick Windley states that companies can use it for their marketing benefit. For example, he states that it is wise to highlight how personal a small startup can be for those who want to work with them. Creating a sense of companionship is often a smart choice for many reasons.

First of all, Patrick Windley states that connecting with customers as people makes your company feel more friendly and open. Use a lot of words like “family” and “togetherness” in your marketing to make it feel homier. Although this may feel awkward at first, Patrick Windley states that doing it can help to make your business seem different from your larger competitors in a significant way.

Focus On How You Benefit a Person

Larger companies often focus their marketing on their direct competitors and try to compare it in a way that puts it down. Patrick Windley believes that this is a mistake, in general, and is particularly bad for startups. He states that such ads often seem mean-spirited to customers and may have the opposite effect of causing them to support the company being put down.

As a result, Patrick Windley says that focusing on how you can help a person is critical. Showcase your service or product and hammer home how it can help customers. For example, if you are selling a new type of shoe, highlight its comfort, support, and unique design. The idea here is to make your company stand out from your competitors without coming across as angry or spiteful.

Keep Your Marketing Very Digital

Good startup marketing is usually focused not on flashy billboards or fancy television advertising, Patrick Windley states. Though these marketing methods still provide benefits, they are generally outside the scale of a startup. Instead, Patrick Windley believes that digital marketing is easily the best choice for new business owners. That’s because it is less expensive and more comfortable to implement and more effective, depending on your product or service.

For example, high-quality content helps to draw in viewers who may have ignored traditional advertising, Patrick Windley states, and can quickly get onto their social media platforms. This step helps to pinpoint potential customers with more accuracy because it will be based on their searches. Just as importantly, some techniques focus on those who have used similar services to yours in the past, Patrick Windley says, which enhances your marketing spread.

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