The Need for Office Hoteling Software: An Overview


For most organization and growing businesses, workspace crunch is a real concern. Efficient management of available workspaces and desks is important, for which reservations and cancellations should be done in real time and remotely, as needed. That’s where office hoteling software comes in the picture. As the name suggests, office hoteling is about using workspaces in an optimized manner, and this is more than just about assigning spaces. It is more about maximizing the use of office space.

Advanced solutions for modern workspaces

In many buildings and office spaces, the same desks and spaces are used by different businesses. As such, data related to spaces and current reservations should be made handy to managers in charge, so that available spaces and desks can be used extensively, without any lapses that are likely to occur with manual management. Such software products are designed to make the process of hoteling workstations as simple and transparent as possible. Depending on the product, the software can take bookings, make and cancel reservations without any delay, and some even have a mobile interface and 3D floor maps, so the use workspaces is open for the admins to oversee and supervise.

A savior for hoteling space managers

For most hoteling space managers, the bigger concern is to ensure that there are no gaps in the bookings, and there shouldn’t be overlaps in reservations. With a bird’s view of the workspace, they can take decisions with regards to maximizing use of cubicles and desk, so that the rent paid and cost of management are justified. The whole concept of hoteling office space becomes easier to manage, especially for those in charge, who also often have to deal with other employee concerns time and again.

Selecting the right software

If you want to find the best office hoteling software, make sure that you check the features of the product in detail. The extent of flexibility that a product offers is something to consider, and it should be easy to deploy. For most companies, the biggest challenge is using an office hoteling software, because their managers don’t have the time to use a product that’s super confusing or has features that is hard to understand.

Pricing, of course, is also a factor to consider, and we strongly suggest that you check all relevant aspects before you select a product for your workspace management needs, including support from the vendor.



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