Protect your Business Premises with Commercial Protective Coatings

We all know how the harsh Australian climate affects building, especially when you happen to be in a coastal area, and whatever your chosen industry, you want the exterior of your business premises to have some degree of protection. Some would say that a few coats of paint is all the exterior needs, and while that would offer a degree of protection, there are applications that really do create a barrier between your facility and the elements.

Protective Coatings

If you talk to the specialist contractors that carry out industrial painting in Perth, they would happily confirm that after the painting is done, you should apply a protective coating. Of course, there are many different types of protective coating, and the contractor would be happy to make a recommendation, and the protective layer can either be applied after repainting, or simply wash the roof and apply the coating.


Once your factory or warehouse has been coated in a polymer-based solution, you no longer have to worry about damage caused by the elements. There are fire-resistant options, and when you apply a polymer coating, you are not losing anything in the way of aesthetics, as the coating comes in rich colours.

Free Assessment

If you called in an industrial painter and asked about protective coatings, they would be happy to help you explore the potential, and by taking your needs into account, the right product can be selected. The benefits are indeed many; polymer coating offer a high level of thermal insulation, with sunlight reflected away from the surface, keeping the interior cooler. The salty air will no longer attack your cladding, and the paint will not fade, crack or split, the protective layer ensures that.

Protect Against Rust

Rust is the number one concern for the business owner, and it only takes a break in the paintwork to get rust started, which is another reason to have a protective coat applied. The weather can quickly fade a commercial building, yet with a non-corrosive coating on the structure, you are actually prolonging the life of the building.

New Builds

If you are having a warehouse or factory built, this is the ideal time for protective coating to be applied. Your insurance would have certain requirements regarding the construction, with fire prevention a priority, this can be achieved with the right polymer coating, plus you can save on energy costs by applying a coating with good insulation properties.


If the time has come to give your business premises a coat of paint, mention to the commercial painter that you would like to look at protective coatings and they would be glad to show you the product range. The paint products should be of the highest quality, so only use tried and trusted brands, which is what the contractor would recommend, and the wide range of colours allows you to be creative.

A Sound Investment

Obviously, your business premises is a significant asset and by applying a protective coating, you are protecting the structure against the elements, and that means exterior maintenance is kept to a minimum. If you would like a no-obligation quote, search online for an industrial painter and see what they can do for you and your business.

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