What Can Virtual Office Services Do for your Company?

If you run a small business, you might not have an office, seeing it as an unnecessary expense and something to be considered further down the road once the business is established. The huge costs involved in setting up an office tend to make it very difficult for a small business, yet there are solutions that come in the form of virtual office services.

What is a Virtual Business Address?

Rather than simply renting a PO Box number, you can actually have a registered business address, and with a virtual address in Sydney, your company will be based in the prestigious CBD, and no one would ever know that it is not your permanent offices.

Virtual Receptionist Services

Once you have your registered business address in the CBD, you can also have a local phone number, and with a virtual receptionist handling your calls, you will never miss an opportunity. The virtual receptionist would be remotely located at the provider’s call centre and would be fully briefed on your company and its activities, and most providers guarantee that all calls are answered within 5 seconds! With a registered business address, a local phone number and a receptionist on call, you have the perfect set up.

Message Taking

This ensures that all key players are on the same page and this is just one of the services offered by the virtual office provider, with messaged passed on according to the client’s instructions. You might prefer SMS, email or any other digital platform, and messages can be relayed to a number of people, depending on your needs.

Project an Image of Success

When a potential customer notices your business address, it says a lot about your company, and being in the CBD really does inspire confidence. Having calls answered by a qualified receptionist is also a big plus, and you can have both with an affordable virtual office package that ticks all the boxes. Boost your client confidence by creating the right business environment and the costs are very affordable, allowing you to focus on other aspects, knowing that all incoming calls are professionally handled.

Boardroom Facilities

In the event you need to hold a business meeting, your virtual office provider has got you covered, with top-notch conference rooms and all the necessary features and amenities. You company name and logo will be there, so it looks like this is your regular office, and when you meet a potential new client, they will feel confident that you are the one they should be doing business with. The boardroom and other facilities can always be hired, just call the virtual office provider and they will set everything up for you.

Local Phone Number

When you have a virtual business address in the CBD, you can also use a local telephone number that corresponds with the location, which gives the impression this is your permanent base. You could instruct the virtual receptionist to forward any incoming calls to your mobile number, which allows you to be in any location and answer all incoming calls on your business number.

Talk to a virtual office provider today and see what they can offer your business.

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