What Can Get You Amazon Account Suspensions?

The amazon account suspension can be devastating for the seller. Amazon is giant among the e-commerce business, and not allow to sell your product on it can make you lot of business. Moreover, to reinstate your account, the road can be tricky, as you need to make an amazon suspension appeal that can help in the reinstatement of your account.

Most of the seller thinks of account suspension as a rare occurrence. However, it is not at all true. Amazon takes poor-performing accounts and bad players very seriously. To avoid the suspension, you need to know the criteria so that you can take care of the entire factor that pushes your account towards suspensions.

Here Are The Things That Can Get Your Seller Account Suspended On Amazon:

The Reason You Can Get Suspended On The Amazon

You might get panicky when you get a suspension from Amazon. However, it is not like you cannot do anything; you can always make an amazon appeal to overcome the situation. However, to make the appeal more pleasing, you must know why you got suspended.

Amazon does not suspend the account without any reason. So, here is the reason why your account might get suspended.

Poor Score On Customer Service

Amazon has a large customer base from around the world. To please their customer, Amazon does not cut any corners when it comes to customer experience. Therefore, a poor customer service record can get you a suspension. Here is the performance target that amazon uses to establish the suspension order.

  • Negative Feedback < 1%
  • Pre-Fulfillment Cancel Rate: < 2.5%
  • Late Shipment Rate: < 4%

Infringement Of Amazon Selling Policy

Amazon has a list of policies that a seller has to follow to run their business on Amazon. If you list your item on the wrong or restricted product page, your amazon account can get suspended. In such a case, you have to be more careful while making your amazon appeal.

Misrepresentation Or Inauthenticity

The selling privileges may get revoked in case you indulge in selling counterfeit or inauthentic items since amazon put customer satisfaction on top. You have to sell a quality product. Moreover, if you decide to make a new account after getting a suspension for selling a counterfeit item, amazon will see your red flag. It can be hard to get your account in such a situation. However, if you get your amazon suspension appeal from the professionals, you might get a chance of getting your account reinstated.

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